Social Sewing :: Finishing School :: First Thursday of the Month 10am-2pm

$35.00 Inc GST



Have you been collecting WIP’s for a while and are looking to finish some things but need to commit regular sewing time to be able to get that stuff done? The Studio Finishing School provides the time and space for you to work on your projects with an experienced quilting teacher in the room to help you with design challenges and techniques on whatever it is you choose to work on.

Bring along those projects that have been lurking away unfinished for too long and get them done!

Held on the first Thursday of each month from 10am to 2pm*, Finishing School is designed to allow you the freedom to work on any project you choose with a tutor present to help you bounce ideas around and get it done! 

Sessions are $35 each (includes morning tea, byo lunch). Pre-pay for 6 sessions and you can receive a special reduced rate of just $30 for each session (add 6 products to the cart and use coupon code SocialSewing to claim the discount) *

*Because life has a tendency to get in the way of our sewing plans, you may use the six sessions over the eight months rather than six in a row. Any sessions not used in those eight months are forfeited.


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