The Retreats

The Creative Retreat Kangaroo Valley Group Image

The Creative Retreat is a dedicated space where you can devote time and focus to your creative pursuits.

Join like-minded creatives for relaxation, creative exploration and community where time and space for your making journey is given priority.

Everything Taken Care Of

The Creative Retreat is an intimate workshop space where delicious meals are all taken care of.

Designed by a hands-on creative, there’s nothing for you to do other than relax and make – you can make from morning to midnight, if you choose.

For the first retreats, quilting is our focus. We are delighted to be bringing distinguished international tutors, who will be present during the workshop hours to assist you to develop and execute your very own quilt design.

The Retreats: 

Current Retreats are centred around Quilting. Hosted in inspiring locations the Retreats are designed to allow you to completely escape your everyday life.

Bookings are restricted to ensure participants get maximum benefit from our exclusive tutors.

Classes facilitated by a well-known and respectable tutor and run from 10-4 each day. The creative space is however available for you to continue sewing, without a care in the world, just focusing on your craft. Day One is open 8am to midnight and Day Two 8am to 6pm.

Current Retreats: 

We will be announcing our next retreats very soon. To be the first to know the details, make sure you have signed up to the mailing list.

The Tutors

Our tutors are hand-selected for their dedication to their craft.

They are leaders and innovators and beautiful humans who love sharing and creating with others.

Our quilting tutors are well-practiced in traditional skills but have a flair for modernising and trying new things.

Read more about our current tutors here.